Womxn in Music Vol 1 is a compilation of 15 stellar female-identifying music artists from Seattle, Washington. 

Curated by Ailisa Newhall. Cover art by Ava Wadleigh.

All funds are collected to put towards Vol. 2

This is a physical CD.


Digital download can be purchased here: https://wxmcollective.bandcamp.com/album/womxn-in-music-vol-1 


1.     Time to Myself Emily McVicker and Marina Christopher
2.     The Virus Shaina Shepherd
3.     American Blues Stephanie Anne Johnson
4.     Where Can I Run Rani Weatherby
5.     I Just Want You Around Olivia Brownlee
6.     Better Days Tekla Waterfield
7.     It's Okay (Not to be Okay) Abby K
8.     I Went Inside Kristin Chambers
9.     Nobody’s Woke Kat Bula
10.   Like to Feel Loved Kate Barreth
11.   Easy Love Sara Gazarek
12.   The Truth is Loud Lady A
13.   Invisible Chasing Oz
14.   Until the Robins Sing Ailisa Newhall
15.   Tanabata Ceci Nguyen

Womxn in Music Vol. 1