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A song for your first love and first heartbreak, Kelly Ash releases 'Parked Outside Your Place'

Dripping with the nostalgia of first love and first heartbreak, ‘Parked Outside Your Place’ harkens back to a time before your crush was just a text away, where you had space and time to yearn for them. This 90’s inspired track could have easily made it to a Dawson’s Creek episode with its small-town imagery and big teenage emotions.

“Similar to when you smell something and it immediately triggers a memory and you’re suddenly right back there, I wanted this song to bring back a wave of memories. There is something about losing ourselves in memories of a different time of life, or old love, wondering if they ever think of us?” Kelly Ash said of ‘Parked Outside Your Place.’

‘Parked Outside Your Place’ is produced by Dave Dalton (Macklemore, 2AM Club) and Budo (Macklemore); written by Kelly Ash, Dave Dalton, and Tyler Cordy (TYLERxCORDY, 2AM Club, Prettywet) with Dave Dalton on guitar, and vocals by Kelly Ash.

Watch the acoustic performance of 'Parked Outside Your Place' below.


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