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Kelly Ash wants a love that will change her mind.

There is a very specific guilt when you love someone great but you know they are not “the one.” It’s a heaviness, right in your gut, every time you say the words, “I love you,” as you settle in at night. There is nothing wrong, so why do you feel a pull to leave? That pull, it’s hope, hope for that big love, kissing in doorways at midnight love, breakfasts in bed love, beating the odds kind of love, love that will make you change your mind about what is possible.

“I Want a Love That Will Change My Mind’ was my way of trying to reclaim the hope of finding that “big love” — something maybe we felt when we were younger and less jaded.” Kelly Ash said of her latest single. “I was thinking a lot about how so many people, and women especially, feel like we end up in relationships where things are pretty good, or even quite good, but something just isn’t right, and we tell ourselves, “it might not be the right fit, but maybe it’s good enough? Maybe I should just be glad that I have someone?” And we’re tempted to ignore that gut feeling that this isn’t the person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with.”

‘I Want a Love That Will Change My Mind” is produced by Andrew Vait (SISTERS, Little Wins) with vocals by Kelly Ash, Dave Dalton (Macklemore, 2AM Club) on keys, David Dawda (Fruit Bats) on bass, and Brad Boal (Nearly Dan, Topline Beats) on drums. ‘I Want a Love That Will Change My Mind” is written by Kelly Ash, Andrew Vait, and Dave Dalton. Soulful and straightforward; ‘I Want a Love That Will Change My Mind” is a vulnerable, acoustic, R&B-inspired track.


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