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Angel Abaya releases new single “Sleepy Shine” with a Short Film directed by Jacob Heus

Earth Libraries artist Angel Abaya releases single “Sleepy Shine”, accompanied by a short collaborative art film directed by Dutch film director Jacob Heus and choreographed by Belgium-based American dancer/choreographer Selby Jenkins.

“Sleepy Shine” was written and recorded by Angel Abaya, mixed and mastered by recording engineer Sam Lay, and released via the record label Earth Libraries.

“I wrote ‘Sleepy Shine’ in the fall of 2019, as the season was getting colder and the nights weren’t feeling as warm and comfortable anymore,” Abaya says. “I lived in this incredibly tiny house in which the temperature was easily manipulated by the outside environment and thought a lot about how the weather can influence your emotions.”

“I was going to release a pop record with this song on it,” recalls Abaya, “but I changed course and left this song in the dust, only for it to be picked up by my lovely friend and dancer/choreographer Selby Jenkins. With the help of Dutch director Jacob Heus and crew, she created a world for ‘Sleepy Shine’ to live in, and I couldn’t be more excited to share this collaboration.”

Angel Abaya and her band will be performing at Boise’s Treefort Music Fest on Friday, September 24 at Treefort’s Main Stage.

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